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Giant Inflatable Corn on The Cob

Updated: Mar 27

Giant inflatable replicas like this corn are a great way to garner attention from crowds and passerby at events. It's also a great way to be instantly recognized from afar and to stand out from the rest. Many businesses have colorful booths and giant banners or flags but this truly stands out not only visually but physically. Of course, we manufacture custom inflatables in multiple sizes. This way you can select the size of your choice once you have determined what works best for you.

Giant Inflatable Corn on the Cob
Giant Inflatable Corn

Isn't this inflatable corn absolutely stunning? Designed to look like a real corn cob, this illuminated corn is a true marketing masterpiece. Corn is the world's second most planted cash crop. It is found in just about everything from food products to plastics, batteries and many other goods. Our large inflatable corn replica is a very popular inflatable that has a high quality print to make it look as realistic as possible. This corn looks great on top of any business, especially charbroiled corn stands or even kettle corn stands. This large replica is a great tool to take to county fairs, farmer's markets and any other high traffic event with hungry people. Introduce a little internal lighting to the inflatable and see the corn glow in magnificent digital high resolution graphics. Designed to handle the elements, this inflatable comes equipped with heavy duty nylon and polyester materials that are guaranteed to last. Our inflatables also come with NFPA certified fire resistant material that is also 100% waterproof. The inflatable is also easily portable and it packs into a rather small bag that fits in almost any car trunk with plenty of space left over. Commercial grade. Made in the USA.


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