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Inflatable Arches: Bonaventure Senior Living

Updated: Oct 22

A senior living home wanted to raise awareness about their community and attract potential residents. They decided to incorporate a giant inflatable arch into their marketing strategy. The senior living home ordered a custom-designed inflatable arch that featured their logo, subtitle, and bright, brand oriented colors. The design was carefully crafted to reflect the their brand while remaining comfortable and vibrant for their community.

The inflatable arch was set up at a local senior health fair, which drew a large audience of seniors and their families. Placed prominently near the entrance, the arch served as a focal point, grabbing attention and generating curiosity. It is a very large inflatable which represents the brand in grand fashion.

Custom Inflatable Arch Bonaventure
Inflatable Arches: Bonaventure Senior Living

The senior living home staff greeted visitors as they passed through the arch, providing brochures and information about the community's amenities, services, and resident activities. The arch created a sense of arrival, making attendees feel welcomed and invited to explore further.

Additionally, the arch served as a photo backdrop for attendees. Many seniors and their families took pictures in front of the arch, capturing memorable moments during the event. This not only provided a fun and engaging experience but also allowed the senior living home to extend its reach online.

By using the giant inflatable arch, the senior living home successfully showcased its brand, created a positive first impression, and initiated conversations with potential residents and their families. The arch served as a visual representation of the community's values and lifestyle, helping to establish trust and interest among the target audience. They also use it for other events throughout the year.


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