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Inflatable Air Dancers Progressive

Updated: Mar 15

There are many websites where you can purchase dance tubes A.K.A. fly guys or as some pop culture show calls them Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube men. These funny inflatables are some of the most popular inflatables in the entire industry but being able to find a custom manufacturer is not so easy.

This is because they tend to be mass produced and they do not have customization options in many production sites. As a matter of fact, these are mostly manufactured overseas from very thin rip-stop material. In the early 90s these were all the rage and even today they have made somewhat of a comeback because of pop culture. They are showcased in cartoons, movies and other forms of media and art.

Inflatable Air Dancers Progressive
Custom Inflatables: Progressive Auto Insurance Air Dancers

Now, when it comes to customizing them, we know a thing or two about how to do it. This is because we used to be the largest manufacturer of them in the states before everything moved abroad. We used to sell so many of them that sometimes we would have a hard time catching up with production and eventually cheap labor replaced us as the largest manufacturer. Not only that but this cheap labor then flooded the market and they have become so cheap that you can buy one for less than $30. Honestly, at those price points, we cannot compete since we manufacture in the U.S. and pay healthy wages.

That's ok though, we do get clients who want custom projects every now and then and many of the overseas companies require a minimum order of 50 or 100 or else it's not worthwhile for them. On the other hand, we are willing to manufacture 1 unique inflatable tube man or however many are required by our clients.

This particular inflatable was manufactured for Progressive Insurance and they used it not only for outdoor marketing campaigns but also for t.v. commercials and they took them to events where clients would be able to see them firsthand. They have custom faces, logos and print all over.

These inflatable fly guys are custom inflatables. If you wish to see more custom items, follow the blue link where you can see pictures and other examples of what we have made for custom orders.


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