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Giant Inflatable Dinosaur: Triceratops

Updated: Mar 15

Another fan favorite is our Triceratops inflatable dinosaur. This friendly, yet ferocious herbivore is loved by many, especially kids. The three-horned quadruped has been referred to in the past as the "rhino dinosaur" since it roughly resembles a modern day rhinoceros.

The herbivorous animal has made big on-screen appearances in major Hollywood blockbusters, making one of our more popular models to choose from. Our commercial grade inflatable dinosaurs are constructed using heavy duty materials that resist fading and cracking. The powerful blower system allows continuous usage for days without any worry at all. Our dinosaurs are ideal for marketing purposes, but can also be great as stage props or party decorations.

Giant Inflatable Triceratops
Inflatable Dinosaurs: Triceratops


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