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Giant Inflatable Sign: Lollapalooza Letters

Updated: Jun 6

Some events rely a lot on branding because their brand becomes synonymous with an idea of a great night, a special party or in this case a unique concert. Lollapalooza is a giant concert that takes place in large arenas and fairgrounds with an average of 400,000 (according to one estimate.) Huge events like this always need to promote their brand on a large scale so that it meets the expectations of the idea of the event. This giant inflatable sign is their logo, outlined and it measures 50 feet wide by about 10-12 feet tall (it varies in different sections.)

This particular unit is what we call a baffled unit which is a way we build the inflatable to be able to hold this very particular shape together. This construction method allows for an inflatable that will last a long time while looking just as sharp as the first time it was installed for years to come.

We focus on being able to deliver a heavy duty product that will be worth every penny for our clients. The construction methods are state-of-the-art and the way we design everything is meticulously scrutinized to ensure that the inflatable looks exactly how our clients need them to.

If you want to see other inflatable signs we have manufactured, follow the blue link to see other pictures of projects that we have made for other clients.

Giant Inflatable Sign: Lollapalooza Letters
Giant Inflatable Sign: Lollapalooza Letters

Custom Inflatable Sign: Lollapalooza Letters
Custom Inflatable Sign: Lollapalooza Letters


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