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Giant Inflatable Rat Prop

Updated: Mar 15

Dive deep into the eerie side of inflatables with our Giant Inflatable Rat! Contrary to the inviting and playful designs often associated with inflatables, this rat takes a deliberate turn towards the chilling and spine-tingling. Towering at sizes ranging from 8 to a staggering 30 feet, the rat's striking features—like its razor-sharp teeth and wild-eyed appearance—ensure it won't go unnoticed.

21ft Giant inflatable rat for sale or rental (airbrush)
Giant Inflatable Rat

But why, you might wonder, would anyone desire such an unnerving inflatable? The answer lies in its vast range of applications. Protest groups, for instance, find the rat's daunting presence apt to convey their strong sentiments. Businesses, too, leverage its startling image for advertising, especially during Halloween, turning heads and drawing in intrigued onlookers. And of course, for the Halloween enthusiast, there could be no better lawn decoration to ensure your house stands out in spooky brilliance.

A fascinating aspect of our giant inflatable rat is its adaptability. Clients often request personalized touches, like adding company logos or dressing the rat in various outfits—from formal office attire to a worker's vest—each tweak giving the rat a unique flair. The level of customization extends even to its facial features, with clients choosing to either amp up the scare factor or tone it down to a more friendly demeanor.

10ft Giant inflatable rat for sale or rental (airbrush)
Inflatable Animals: Giant Inflatable Rat

As part of our extensive Giant Inflatable Animals collection, this rat holds a distinctive place. Its popularity might be surprising to some, but its versatility and the sheer impact it has at events make it a top pick for many. Whether you're keen on purchasing one or simply looking to rent the inflatable rat, with its potent mix of terror and charm, promises to be the talk of the town!

10 ft. Inflatable Rat with Construction Vest
10 ft. Inflatable Rat with Construction Vest

The detail that goes into the design of the giant inflatable rat is nothing short of meticulous. From the gleaming, over-exaggerated eyes to the arch of its back, every feature is emphasized to augment its unnerving aura. While the design leans heavily towards the theatrical, what truly sets it apart is the quality of craftsmanship. Made using high-quality materials, this inflatable is not just about the aesthetics; it's built to last. This means whether it's exposed to the elements during a protest or set up as a Halloween decoration year after year, it retains its frightening charm without wear and tear.

10 ft. Inflatable Rat with Removable Banner
10 ft. Inflatable Rat with Removable Banner

While most inflatables aim to be jovial and festive, there's an undeniable allure in the unconventional. The giant inflatable rat taps into this allure, proving that there's a market for the unusual and the unexpected. For businesses, it serves as a memorable advertising tool, instantly catching attention and making a lasting impression. For private events, it becomes a conversation starter, a quirky centerpiece that guests won't stop talking about. It's this blend of shock value and novelty that has cemented the rat's position as one of our top inflatables.

21ft Giant inflatable union rat for sale or rental (airbrush)
Inflatable Scary Rat

The giant inflatable rat, in its own unique way, is a canvas open to interpretation. For some, it's a symbol of protest—a way to visually express dissent or draw attention to a cause. For others, it's a representation of the Halloween spirit, embodying the essence of the spooky season. Then there are those who see it as a bold marketing move, a way to ensure that an advertisement is noticed and remembered. Regardless of how it's perceived, the rat stands as a testament to the power of visuals and the impact they can have in diverse scenarios.


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