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Giant Inflatable: Pink Flamingo Pool Float

Updated: May 23

Pool floats are typically, 2-5 feet wide (at most) but this client wanted to host a concert and have this float replica in a barge, as a concert decoration. It was a feat unto itself being able to create such a large structure. The flamingo float was custom printed and made to resemble a small float that our customer really liked.

Giant Inflatable Pink Flamingo Pool Float
Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float Replica
Giant Inflatable: Pink Flamingo Pool Float
Giant Inflatable: Pink Flamingo Pool Float

The structure was then placed on a large 30x30 barge that was floated on a lake. It couldn't be directly placed on water since it needs to be constantly inflated with a blower system that has to be plugged in for as long as the structure is inflated.

If you would like to see more product replicas click the blue link and take a look at some more examples.


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