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Giant Inflatable Patriotic Bald Eagle

Updated: Mar 15

Look at this beautiful Inflatable Eagle. Specially designed to be more patriotic, this red, white, and blue bald eagle is a stylized inflatable prop that can be used to promote special sales or businesses. The body and wings feature the American flag pattern, whereas the head is beautifully rendered to look like a real bald eagle.

Giant Inflatable Patriotic Bald Eagle
Giant Inflatable Animals: American Eagle

Giant Inflatable American Bald Eagle
Inflatable Animals: Patriotic Eagle

This stunning inflatable comes in a variety of sizes ranging from ten feet all the way to twenty-five feet in height. Our Eagle is perfect for parties, auto dealerships, business rooftops, and more! Available for purchase or rental. Subject to availability. Contact us for more information. Made in the USA.

Inflatable Rentals: Giant Soccer Event Eagle

Not only is an eagle the national seal of Mexican currency, it has been forever immortalized as a stamp on the nation’s flag as well. This eagle has made its way into diverse pop cultural traditions and activities. Their national soccer team proudly wears the seal on their uniform, this symbol has become the most marketed prop in relation to any of Mexico’s soccer matches. We made a giant inflatable eagle, of which we also have an American version, and we added a soccer ball that accompanies this green, white and red one.

Inflatable Rentals: Giant Soccer Event Eagle
Giant Inflatable Eagle - Mexican Theme

Giant inflatable bald eagle with Mexican flag
Giant Mexican Flag Themed Eagle

Any product, company or service sponsoring Mexico’s soccer team will reap the benefits that result from televising such popularized sport, especially during any of the major tournaments. This period marks a busy time for grocery stores, sports stores, or any other company sponsoring the events. These soccer tournaments don’t last forever, in fact they are rather short therefore renting an inflatable like this can be a great addition to your celebration at a fraction of the price as opposed to purchasing one at full price. You can even personalize it with a banner that promotes your store, or any special deals you’d like to advertise. Like this eagle we have many other generic works available for rental that can be used for advertising purposes. This includes themed Halloween, Christmas and other holiday inflatables. All in all, we have over 1500+ inflatables for you to choose from in our inventory for you to purchase or rent. If you do not find what you are looking for in the existing inventory, we can always manufacture your own custom inflatable shape.

Custom Inflatable Eagle Wings Up

This inflatable eagle is out of the ordinary with an aggressive stance that makes it look ready to attack. This particular design features a team logo on the eagle's chest, showcasing their team spirit. It can be customized with custom logos or a complete color change if needed. This eagle is also available in 4 different sizes.

Custom Inflatable Eagle Wings Up
Custom Inflatable Eagle for NC Central University

Giant Inflatable Realistic Bald Eagle
Giant Inflatable Realistic Bald Eagle


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