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Giant Inflatable Patriotic Bald Eagle

Updated: 2 days ago

Look at this beautiful Inflatable Eagle. Specially designed to be more patriotic, this red, white, and blue bald eagle is a stylized inflatable prop that can be used to promote special sales or businesses. The body and wings feature the American flag pattern, whereas the head is beautifully rendered to look like a real bald eagle.

Giant Inflatable Patriotic Bald Eagle
Giant Inflatable Animals: American Eagle
Giant Inflatable American Bald Eagle
Inflatable Animals: Patriotic Eagle

This stunning inflatable comes in a variety of sizes ranging from ten feet all the way to twenty-five feet in height. Our Eagle is perfect for parties, auto dealerships, business rooftops, and more! Available for purchase or rental. Subject to availability. Contact us for more information. Made in the USA.


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