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Giant Inflatable Mushroom with Face

Updated: Mar 15

When it comes to inflatable mushrooms, we have a colorful bunch to choose from. Some of our mushroom inflatables are designed with faces and some without. Although that sentence sounds odd when you read it, to clarify, we have mushrooms with a cartoony face and some with other designs that are not a face. Fortunately, for the sake of not having nightmares, this funny fungus actually has a friendly and cute facial expression. The bright colors stand out, making them highly visible for people to see. Ideal for outdoor parties and music festivals, these mushrooms can really transform the surrounding environment into a wonderland full of awe and excitement. Made in the USA.

Giant Inflatable Mushroom with Face
Inflatable Characters: Mushroom w/ Face

This colorful and unique mushroom isn't your ordinary fungus, it's a stylized, psychedelic inspired design that is out of this world. How often do you see green and purple mushrooms? Well, they don't actually exist, so probably never. There are, however, several purple mushroom species that grow in different parts around the world. This specific inflatable mushroom is meant more for promotional purposes though, rather than being a replica of an actual, existing mushroom. Perfect for Alice in Wonderland themes, this psychedelic mushroom will have you seeing swirls in no time. You just have to look at it. :) Made in the USA.


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