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Custom Inflatables: Akron Motors Oil

Updated: Mar 15

Motor oil is an essential component for any vehicle, but the bottles it comes in often seem generic and indistinguishable. Akron Motor Oil, however, took a different route with their unique bottle design. When they envisioned greater visibility at shows and Motorsport events, they approached us to upscale their distinct bottle design.

Giant Inflatable Motor Oil Bottle Replicas
Giant Inflatable Bottles: Akron Motor Oil

Our task was clear yet challenging: craft a custom giant inflatable bottle replica that captures Akron's trapezoidal top design. This design is what sets Akron oil apart, distinguishing their bottle from countless competitors. Their request for offset designs with the bottle opening on the far left or right edge revealed their ambition to create a memorable brand image.

The design process was an exhilarating journey for our team. The outcome? Two magnificent variations: a bold blue bottle and its radiant red counterpart. Identical in design but with a splash of different colors, they provided Akron with the versatility needed for diverse marketing drives. And where did these inflatables shine the most? Beyond Motorsport events, these giant replicas became the star attraction at trade shows, product launches, auto exhibitions, and even at local community events where Akron had a presence. Their towering stature and vivid colors ensured that they caught every eye, imprinting the Akron brand firmly in attendees' minds.

The success story continued, with Akron expanding its fleet of inflatables as their operations grew. Their continued partnership with us stands as a testament to our ability to deliver consistent and impactful results. While the Akron bottle design is popular amongst engine oil manufacturers, our collaboration added a distinct flavor to it. But this is just a glimpse of our prowess. No design is too complex or novel for us. From another brand's packaging to a completely fresh idea, we're prepared to execute it all. We work collaboratively, transforming visions into tangible, larger-than-life inflatables.


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