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Giant Inflatable Realistic Lion

Updated: Oct 20

This model is our larger realistic lion, as opposed to the smaller safari lion which we make in smaller sizes. This lion can be manufactured up to 25 feet and if necessary we can make it larger since we manufacture all of our inflatables in house.

15-Foot Giant Inflatable Realistic Lion
Giant Inflatable Animals: Lion Replica

Inflatable Animals: Lion Cub

Our younger lion model is the cub which features no mane and a smaller frame/build. While the design features a smaller build, it isn't really smaller since it is available in sizes up to 25 feet tall!

Giant inflatable lion cub

If delicate head bumps, little winks, and the sound of a quiet but welcoming motor on top of your chest reminds you of a cat then you must also know these curious and fury creatures have a whole other side to them. Despite knowing this you probably still can’t resist the warm fuzzy feeling inside when you think of cats, no matter the size. House cats, wild cats, little cats, big cats, it doesn’t matter; you still love cats and the idea that they’re natural predators only adds to their mystery and wonder because at the end of the day, they all look like harmless babies when they’re knitting or napping away. Here’s yet another cat you’re going to love; this inflatable lion cub is perfect to show off and it’s available for purchase or rental.

If you own a pet store, vet clinic, sanctuary, or manage a safari, this inflatable prop is a great way to attract visitors. We have many different sizes as well as different variations of cats. These inflatable rentals are very easy to set up. They can be shipped or picked up if you’re within close proximity. We also ship nationwide for anyone interested. Our warehouse is located in South El Monte, California and we service the Greater Los Angeles Area for installations. If you are outside of our installation service area, we could ship it to you and you can install it. It is fairly easy and we can provide an installation video if necessary.


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