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Giant Inflatable Valentine Heart

Updated: Jul 1

Get ready for Valentine's day! Perfect for florists and chocolate stores, this Valentine's Day Inflatable Heart is the perfect prop to set up this February 14th. Made with love and commercial grade vinyl and nylon materials, this Inflatable Heart can withstand a lot of abuse.

Big Inflatable Heart Happy Valentines

Designed to be tough, this heart inflatable can be set up in the worst of weather, including rain, sleet, or snow. Tornadoes and hurricanes might cause some damage though. Fortunately, this inflatable is waterproof as well as NFPA and CSFM certified flame resistant. Just don't put it in lava. Made in the USA.

Inflatable Rentals: Giant Valentines Day Heart

Inflatable Rentals: Giant Valentines Day Heart

There’s something about the display of giant inflatables that automatically attracts the attention of passersby to your store. Especially during one of those holidays where most people participate in fashionable spending fads. One of those holidays is Valentine’s Day and for those who are trying to manifest their love for their significant other will most likely walk into a store looking for the perfect gift. Grab their attention with a giant red heart that cannot go unnoticed.

This heart shaped inflatable rental comes in different colors and different sizes. To widen the range of possible variations we make the addition of a banner that includes your personalized message to best suit the way you’d like to market your business. Ask about availability for pick up or delivery or any other rental related questions.

For rental inquiries we ask that you call in ahead of time to have it ready for your event date. We can definitely get it to you on a faster turnaround but it is easier for everyone involved when we plan ahead. On the other hand, a purchase currently has a turnaround time of 10-12 business days. We can completely customize a unique inflatable for your event. With a custom inflatable you can manage the overall shape design, size and imaging to make it look however you want it to look. All we need is a general direction and our professional design team will work with you to bring it to life. We also offer free 3D renderings, even if you do not purchase from us! Call us or send us an email for price inquiries or general questions. We’re here to help.


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