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Giant Inflatable Dinosaur: Brontosaurus

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Go to a land before modern time with a huge inflatable Brontosaurus. This majestic beast is one of the largest dinosaurs that ever existed and we happen to have some fun inflatable replicas of them! Commonly confused with the Brachiosaurus, this herbivorous dino is actually a bit shorter than the aforementioned animal.

Giant Inflatable Brontosaurus Gray
Huge Inflatable Brontosaurus Gray

Nevertheless, this massive inflatable dinosaur does not fail to impress. Dinos are perfect for many types of parties and events, especially ones with jungle or prehistoric themes. Impress your kids at their next birthday party for a truly memorable experience. Many of our dinosaurs are also available for rental. Combine with another dino like our T-Rex or Stegosaurus for an even more spectacular setting.


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