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Giant Inflatable Arch with Logos

Updated: Jun 14

Inflatable arches are far more versatile and varied in shape and design than one might think. Most customers are familiar with square arches or round arches but you can customize an arch to your own specifications. Our inflatable manufacturing abilities are not limited to small inflatables. As a matter of fact, we are one of the only companies capable of manufacturing every aspect of an inflatable in the U.S. with American Materials.

This inflatable arch, as with many arches, was used for a marathon. The customer wanted to have a special finish/starting line with logos, printing, a unique shape and custom branding. The main sponsor placed their logo on the edges of the inflatable and they had their sponsors placed on a banner that attached to the inflatable with Velcro backing.

Giant Inflatable Arch with Logos
Custom Inflatables: Our People Entertainment
Branded inflatable arch with logos Toyota Coca-Cola
Giant Inflatable Arch with Custom Logos

Your average inflatable arch has the same width and height because it is either square or semi-circular. This inflatable was for a large event that required much more width than height. Its dimensions were 5x20x40 feet and it featured an oval shape, double tubes and support tubes in between. Typically an inflatable arch is manufactured with one giant tube that is then filled with air but this structure was larger than usual. Due to its large size, we had to create a support system to ensure that it was sturdy when it was installed and secured at events.

If you want to see other inflatable arches, follow the blue link where you can take a look at other examples and find out more info.


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