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Giant Inflatable Alien Prop

Updated: Mar 15

Our 20-foot tall giant inflatable alien prop embodies sophistication and meticulous design, setting a new benchmark for event installations. With its vibrant colors and detailed features, this statement piece combines both artistry and grandeur. The dominant presence of this single-eyed marvel makes it a compelling centerpiece, drawing attention and igniting intrigue. Our inflatable extraterrestrial has received widespread acclaim from our esteemed clientele. From its rich, green texture reminiscent of unexplored realms to its sturdy structure designed for longevity, it stands as a testament to our commitment to quality.

15ft Giant Inflatable Alien
Inflatable Props: Cyclops Alien

Its versatility is unmatched. Not only is it a mainstay for science-themed occasions, but it's also a sought-after feature for concerts, offering a captivating backdrop for performers. Its imposing stature ensures it commands attention, irrespective of the size of the venue.

To cater to the varied requirements of our clients, we've made this piece available for both purchase and rent. Be it an event grounded in scientific exploration or one that delves into imaginative narratives, this inflatable alien is primed to elevate the atmosphere. Elevate your event's prestige and distinguish your brand with our giant inflatable alien prop. Embrace excellence and make a lasting impression.


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