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Custom Inflatables: Solid Colored Doberman

Updated: Mar 14

The client, a very popular DJ, sought to create a unique, dynamic, and impactful visual experience for their upcoming concert tour. These inflatable dogs are props to decorate their stage when they have concerts. As a matter of fact, they are a returning customer for which we had made two precious metallic dogs in the exact same shapes.

For this new tour our solution was to design and produce two giant inflatable Doberman dogs, each standing an impressive 15 feet tall. These solid black and red inflatables were created using high-quality, durable materials to withstand the rigors of a demanding concert tour schedule. The inflatables were conceptualized to match the DJ's brand identity, and their colors were carefully chosen to enhance the visual aesthetics of the stage setup. The design and manufacturing process was meticulous, ensuring the inflatables' durability and quality. Additionally, we had to ensure easy installation and dismantling to facilitate smooth transitions between shows.

During concerts, the giant inflatable Dobermans commanded the stage, creating a visually arresting spectacle that resonated with the audience. They reinforced the band's brand identity and added an additional layer of engagement for concertgoers, leading to a truly immersive experience.

Giant Inflatable Dogs Doberman
Giant Inflatable Doberman Dogs for DJ

The giant inflatable Doberman dogs became an integral part of the DJ's concert experience, adding significant value to their stage presence. They were a hit with fans, increasing social media engagement and becoming their image. The client was delighted with the outcome and the inflatables' contribution to their overall concert experience.


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