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Custom Inflatables: JMNRG24

Updated: Jun 7

Custom inflatable can replicas with custom graphics are inflatable structures that mimic the appearance of cans, such as soda cans, energy drink cans, or beer cans. They are designed to be visually striking and attention-grabbing, serving as promotional tools for brands or products. These replicas are typically made from durable materials which can withstand outdoor conditions. As a matter of fact, we coat them to protect the print from U.V. rays, scratching and fading. They are often produced in various sizes to accurately represent the dimensions of the actual cans.

This particular client wanted to have us create a custom can with a make believe brand. These two props are for a concert that needed big and flashy displays that would increase their stage visibility and create an electrifying look.

Custom Inflatable Can Props
Custom Inflatables: JMNRG24

Custom graphics are applied to the surface of the inflatable can replicas, allowing for brand logos, product labels, slogans, or any other desired artwork to be displayed prominently. These graphics can be digitally printed, ensuring high-quality and vibrant visuals that accurately replicate the branding of the actual products. Since this was not an actual product, the client used the can shape as a canvas where they were able to completely take control of the design process and include all of the elements they wanted onto the final product.

Custom inflatable can replicas can be utilized in a variety of ways. They are commonly used at trade shows, product launches, promotional events, and marketing campaigns to attract attention and create brand awareness. They can also serve as photo opportunities, allowing attendees or customers to interact with the replicas, generating social media buzz and user-generated content. The benefits of using custom inflatable can replicas with custom graphics include their portability, ease of setup, and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional marketing displays.


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