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Custom Inflatable Globe Sinclair

Updated: Mar 14

Giant inflatable earth globe replicas are large-scale, air-filled representations of our planet that are often used at events, trade shows, science fairs, and more to catch people's attention or for educational purposes. They can range in size from a few feet in diameter to enormous globes that can be seen from far away. These inflatables are made from a durable vinyl material, and are generally sustained with a continuous air blower or with an internal bladder in the form of a sealed inflatable.

Giant inflatable rotating globe Sinclair
Custom Inflatable Globe with "Sinclair" Logo

With these giant inflatables, companies have an effective and engaging way to promote their brand or to acknowledge a sponsor. They can be used in all sorts of events, such as corporate functions, sporting events, festivals, parades, or conferences. Just remember to consider local regulations and safety considerations when installing such large structures.

The inflatable globes are made with a detailed, realistic print of the Earth's continents, oceans, and other geographic features. However, they can be customized to incorporate specific branding elements or logos to represent a particular brand or sponsor.

Custom Inflatable Globe Sinclair
Custom Inflatables: Sinclair Earth Globe

Custom Inflatable Globe We Are The World
Custom Inflatable Globe We Are The World

This is often done to raise awareness, promote a product or a company, or simply to make the globe more visually appealing. The process of adding a custom logo or branding to an inflatable globe involves several steps:

  • Design and Approval: An initial digital design of the globe, incorporating the designated logo or branding, is established. Following this, the design is presented to the client for their approval. Any desired modifications can be accommodated at this juncture until the design aligns with the client's satisfaction.

  • Printing: Following the endorsement of the design, it is then imprinted onto the selected material destined for globe fabrication. This is ordinarily achieved with a printer that can accommodate large dimensions and deliver a high-quality and vibrant colored output.

  • Manufacturing: Post the printing process, the globe is then shaped and assembled. This generally encompasses stitching or sealing of the pieces together using heat, hinging on the type of material that has been used.

  • Inflation and Testing: Subsequently, the globe is inflated and subjected to tests to ensure it retains air as required and that the imprinted logo or branding aligns with expectations. Any required alterations are carried out at this phase.

  • Delivery and Installation: Upon completion of all the stages, the globe is deflated, packaged, and dispatched to the venue of the event. Upon arrival, it is re-inflated and set up at the designated location.


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