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Custom Inflatables for Pride

Custom inflatables serve as vibrant centerpieces at Pride events. They not only serve as a focal point but also create a sense of recognition among attendees. From inflatable arches and hearts to creating completely new designs, these displays are adaptable as they are eye-catching. This flexibility ensures they can be a staple of Pride celebrations for years to come.

Inflatable Heart 

With our giant heart inflatable, modifications can be made to the design to reflect specific meanings or symbols. For example, adding text such as “Pride,” “Love,” “Equality,” or more specific messages that resonate with each pride flag can further personalize the display. This text can be in various fonts and styles to match the aesthetics of the flag or the theme of the event. Our custom inflatable heart can be used as a standalone installation and photo backdrop.

Inflatable Arch 

This inflatable rainbow arch is great for Pride events, serving as a main entrance or focal point that welcomes attendees. Its size and bright colors make it easily visible, helping to attract attention and draw participants toward activities or entry points. This rainbow arch can be tailored to represent various pride flags, accommodating different groups within the community. These arches not only add to the visual appeal but also reinforce its inclusive message, celebrating the diversity within the community.  

Custom Inflatable Muscle Man
Custom Inflatable: Muscle Man

Inflatable Muscle Man

This giant inflatable muscle man was a custom project for Pride 2008 and showcases a creative and playful approach to celebrating diversity and inclusion. The Muscle Man is designed with a banner that can have custom text printed onto it. Creating this inflatable involved collaboration between the client and our design team to discover the visual impact and message they wanted to convey. The size of this display was made to be large enough to be visible from a distance, yet suitable for the available space at the event. 

More Customization Options 

Creating a custom inflatable is great for adapting a design to your event or venue. Next, we will go over the different ways you can customize your very own. 

Custom Design 

Beyond standard designs like hearts and arches, our inflatables can be transformed into almost anything imaginable. Custom inflatables allow event organizers to go beyond standard designs and dive into more unique forms based on their theme or brand. They can be shaped into representations that have significant meaning for your community.  

Custom Sizing  

When planning for events at different venues, it's important to consider the available space. Larger venues such as parks or open spaces can easily accommodate giant inflatables. However, for indoor venues with limited space, more compact designs are preferable in these settings to avoid overcrowding the space. These can include our 6 – 10 foot sizes or hanging displays that don't require floor space. 

Adding Branding  

Print your logos and messages directly onto a custom inflatable. They can be strategically placed to ensure they are clearly visible but do not dominate the main design elements. We can even redesign your logo to blend with the colors of your display. 

Removable Banners  

Incorporating removable and interchangeable banners onto custom inflatables offers a solution for using them across different events. This approach involves designing them with built-in attachment points such as velcro strips or hooks where banners can be easily attached and removed. By doing so, planners can swap out banners featuring different messages, sponsors, or themes without the need to modify the entire display.  

By carefully implementing these elements for inflatables at Pride events, organizers can create an environment that celebrates diversity. 

Create a Social Media Campaign 

Launch a social media campaign that involves the pride community and allies in creating a giant inflatable that represents the community. Introduce the objective and invite participants to create and later vote for their favorite design for the display. Once voting is complete, the campaign can shift to showing behind-the-scenes content of the inflatable's creation, including design sketches and the production process. Teasers would be posted to build anticipation without revealing the complete design. The campaign ends at a major Pride event where the final results will be unveiled, providing a photo opportunity for attendees and further engaging the community through a branded photo booth. Participants will be encouraged to share their photos using a specific hashtag. 

Materials Used 

When designing giant inflatables for Pride, selecting the right materials is key to ensure durability and safety. Our products are made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials that can withstand various outdoor conditions. This ensures that the display remains visually appealing throughout the day and can be reused in the future. 

Safety Measures 

Ensuring the safety of both the inflatable and the attendees is paramount, especially in crowded environments like Pride. These displays should be securely anchored to the ground to prevent them from tipping over or being blown away by the wind. This can involve using heavy-duty stakes for soft ground or sandbag weights for hard surfaces.  

Giant Inflatable Muscle Man
Inflatable Muscle Man

Custom inflatables for Pride can enhance the experience for attendees while also supporting the visibility and message of the event. These structures are not only eye-catching and festive but also serve as powerful symbols of inclusion and diversity, perfectly aligning with the spirit of Pride. By incorporating those symbols organizers can significantly enhance the visual appeal and interactive experience of their events, making them memorable and meaningful for everyone involved. 

As we continue to celebrate Pride, let our giant inflatables help promote inclusivity in our communities. Let your event stand out and leave a lasting impression on all who attend. Contact us today for a quote on your custom inflatable for Pride. 


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