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Custom Inflatable: Replica of French Fries

Updated: Mar 15

Some of the request we receive are interesting shapes and sizes that we have never made in the past. For example, we have previously made some french fries but this client wanted us to be able to curly fries resembled as closely as possible. Not only that but we also had to make the color look as realistic as possible with crispy burnt edges all around.

Our design team is very talented and they will spend a lot of time inspecting and designing shapes, colors, patterns and textures in order to create an inflatable that no one else can match. We wouldn't say they are obsessive but they do have a high focus on being semi-perfectionist. We take great pride in our work and love being able to amaze our clients with the final product.

Custom Inflatable Replica of French Fries
Custom Inflatables: French Fry Replica with Branding

Giant Inflatable Replica of French Fries
Giant Inflatable French Fries

When we are working with our clients, we design most inflatables from scratch. Our designers are well versed in 3D Modeling software and they spend a lot of time being able to create intricate designs. Once they create these models, they render it from multiple angles for you to see what the final product is going to look like (3D mockups are free.) Once our clients approve the final model we begin production but when our clients receive it they cannot believe how close to the model the final product looks.

This is because we use that exact model to finalize the shapes and graphics of the production model. Another thing clients cannot believe is how large some inflatables are. For example this inflatable is a 10 foot tall basket of fries and it doesn't sound big but when you think about the overall volume of the inflatable shape, it becomes a pretty large replica.

If you wish to see other inflatable replicas that we have manufactured in the past, follow the blue link for more examples.


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