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Custom Inflatable Replica: NASA Orion Spacecraft

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Even though space travel didn’t happen until the 60’s, rockets have been around for a long time and were originally used for fireworks and for rescuing people at sea. Cool huh? But as great as fireworks are, nothing compares to space exploration. Spaceships were engineered and launched into the high skies and allowed people to wonder what was beyond Earth. There was no way for anyone to explore the boundaries outside of our atmosphere. The space shuttle allowed these explorations to happen. So what exactly is a spaceship? The spaceship/shuttle is a spacecraft that is similar to a rocket and an airplane. So while this spaceship may be busy orbiting around the universe, you will find yourself gravitating around this wonderful piece of art.

Enough of the science talk! We want to tell you about our inflatable craft replicas and share some of our talents with you! This is why we not only offer branding and customization of any inflatable you’d like to own but we also thought it would be nice to have a rental program where we could still share these amazing works with you at a fraction of the cost. We have a great array of inflatables, of different shapes and sizes. These inflatables are made out of top grade American materials that are additionally coated to protect and preserve their elegance.

You are also able to purchase an inflatable shuttle and add custom logos and branding to it. Another neat thing about customization is that the entire inflatable can be designed in the shape and size you want and it doesn’t have to be a true replica since you are able to modify anything you want on it. This can be colors, shapes, size, and imaging as a whole. We can also completely design a unique one just for you.


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