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Custom Inflatable: Lone River Bull Skull

Updated: Mar 15

When we are creating a custom inflatable in a shape that is too thin to stand on its own or too unconventional, we will work on a black inflatable base, which we can also print on, if needed and use it to sustain your inflatable. This Bull Skeleton is without a doubt an unconventional shape and getting it to stand up without a base would have been a bit difficult since it would pivot all of its weight on the bottom of the skull.

When we add a base like this one, we will nestle it in a way that holds the inflatable shape just the way the customer wants. If you need the base below it so that it lays flat, we can do that. If you need it angled, like this one, we can also do that. We can also create a stand to elevate the inflatable so it is more visible from afar.

Custom Inflatable Shape: Lone River Bull Skull
Giant Inflatable Bull Skull

One other thing about this design is that we were able to not only design the shape of the skull but we were able to then add custom printing to it. First we had to find textures, logos and come up with the customers idea in sufficiently high resolution graphics to make it look this good.

If you want to see some other examples of custom inflatables, follow the blue link.

Giant Inflatable Shape: Lone River Bull Skull
Custom Inflatables: Lone River Bull Skull


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