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Custom Inflatable: McDonald's Golden Arches

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

There are some logos which are iconic and need zero introduction because of how memorable they are. The McDonald's Golden Arches are amongst the many logos which we all instantly recognize. In the past we have created a giant Ronald McDonald which was used for the Ronald McDonald House Charity. This time around, they wanted to use giant golden arches to decorate an event. With such an iconic logo, they were able to draw in crowds. Of course, size helped with visibility. The final product was a 30 foot inflatable that easily towered over everyone. Due to how big it was, the inflatable was visible from afar.

Custom Inflatable Logo McDonalds
Custom Inflatable McDonald's Arches

This inflatable sign is one of many we have manufactured over the years. This one had one major challenge, being able to keep the shape propped up while keeping it secure. It is very easy to tie down inflatables and we actually attach anchor point which are strategically placed all over the inflatable to secure it properly.

Giant Inflatable: McDonalds Golden Arches
Custom Inflatables: McDonald's Golden Arches

Another thing we had to keep into account was the color. We had to color match the yellow so it didn't deviate from the McDonald's yellow. We take branding very seriously and being able to color match such a large inflatable is key to being able to preserve brand consistency.

Take a look at some other examples we have built in the past. Follow this link to see more Inflatable Signs.


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