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Custom Inflatable: Jeeter Cloud Swing

Updated: Mar 15

Some of the inflatable request we receive are completely new ideas to us. Sometimes they are very far out but we still somehow manage to manufacture them. This inflatable cloud was going to be part of a swing that was going to be installed at an event. They wanted to decorate the top of the swing with a little cloud that had a custom logo.

This idea was not an impossible idea but it was definitely something we had not encountered or contemplated before. In the past we have manufactured inflatables and placed them on tents but the structure is far more sturdy and capable of withstanding the weight of the inflatable. So, in order to make sure it was possible with the cloud, we made it smaller and closer to a weight:size ratio that was more appropriate for the swing the customer provided. Then we went to work and created multiple mockups until we found the sweet spot that we knew we could build and with which the client was happy.

Inflatable Jeeter Cloud Swing
Custom Inflatable Cloud Design for a Swing

Since the swing was going to be the main base of the inflatable and in order to not complicate things more we decided to manufacture the inflatable as a sealed inflatable. Sealed inflatables do not require the extra cables to keep a blower system running but rather, they are only inflated once and then sealed with a pressure cap that we attach to the valve opening.

In order to achieve this, we create an internal bladder system and then place the printed cover on top of the bladder which gives it its shape. This allows for the shape to be inflated and then there are no extra cables or blower systems in the way. It makes for a very clean and hassle free experience.

If you want to see more of our sealed inflatables, follow the blue link and you'll see pictures of other examples we have worked on.

Custom Inflatable Jeeter Cloud Swing
Custom Inflatable Header Prop


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