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Custom Inflatable: Eco Exploratorio Dome

Updated: May 23

Inflatable domes are very interesting structures that offer a world of possibilities for event marketing. Take this dome for example, the client built unique experiences for event goers to jump in see with different domes that had different displays inside.

Custom Inflatable: Eco Exploratorio Dome
Custom air dome tent EcoExploratorio Museum

In terms of design, the client knew exactly what they wanted. They placed their icon/logo on top of the center of the dome and they added astronaut graphics all along the outside of the dome with their logo on the entrances. It is a very unique design and it looks phenomenal with the high resolution printing that we made on top it. Being able to elevate the way the dome looks with graphics is seriously clever and it makes you wonder what it is they house inside the dome.

If you want to see other examples of what is possible with an inflatable dome, follow the blue link and take a look at some pictures of projects we've made for other clients.


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