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Custom Inflatable: Balloon Happy Face Balloon

Updated: Mar 15

Inflatable props are a great tool to decorate stages, concerts or events. This particular balloon was made as a prop for J. Balvin who used it for concerts. This is his logo and it is often adapted to different shapes. In this case, it was adapted to a happy face balloon. The balloon supposed to be shaped and resemble a Mylar balloon, but unlike a Mylar balloon, it was inflated with regular cold air. There are a few companies who can make an inflatable float with helium on a big scale but we do not manufacture those types of inflatables.

Instead we make recommendations to have the balloon made out of a solid and heavy duty material while keeping it constantly inflated with a blower system or we recommend that you get a sealed inflatable which keeps an internal layer filled with air and the graphics are a cover that go over the sealed bladder system.

Custom Inflatable Balloon Happy Face
Custom Inflatables: J. Balvin Happy Face

This inflatable needed to have the stretching on the edges to make it look like a real Mylar balloon. We also needed to have it custom printed on a shiny material that would aid in the simulation of Mylar. This was a bit tricky but we were able to do it and it turned out just fine.

This inflatable was a completely custom design that we had to manufacture from scratch. For projects like this we tend to be able to manufacture them with a 2-3 week turnaround time but the event coordinators needed it faster than usual. Overall, it was a new experience for us but we were able to bring this client's vision to life.

If you want to see other examples of custom inflatables, follow the blue link.

Yellow happy face balloon replica
Giant Inflatable Happy Face Balloon Replica


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