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Custom Inflatable Arch: Downtown High Point

Updated: Oct 20

Custom inflatable arches with a banner are inflatable structures used for promotions and events. They can be customized with your desired shape, size, and branding. The arch features a printed banner that displays logos, graphics, or slogans. These arches are versatile, portable, and durable, making them suitable for various occasions. They attract attention, enhance brand visibility, and provide sponsorship opportunities.

The city if High Point ordered this custom arch for their events but we have see how these arches are used for other use cases. A city may use a custom printed inflatable arch at various events for several reasons:

  1. Promotional Campaigns: Cities often use inflatable arches as part of their promotional campaigns to showcase the city's attractions, events, or initiatives. The arch can display the city's logo, tagline, or imagery, creating a visual representation of the city's brand.

  2. Sporting Events: Inflatable arches are commonly used at sporting events such as marathons, cycling races, or triathlons. They serve as the start or finish line, creating a visually appealing and exciting entrance for participants.

  3. Festivals and Parades: City festivals and parades can benefit from inflatable arches as they provide a grand entrance or focal point for the event. The arch can be customized to match the theme of the festival, creating a visually cohesive atmosphere.

  4. Celebrations and Ceremonies: Inflatable arches are often used during celebratory events like anniversaries, inaugurations, or award ceremonies. They add a touch of grandeur and serve as a backdrop for photo opportunities or as an entrance to the main event area.

  5. Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Cities sometimes use inflatable arches at trade shows and exhibitions to attract visitors to their booth or display area. The arch can feature branding elements and key messages to draw attention and engage attendees.

  6. Fundraising Events: Inflatable arches can be used by cities during fundraising events such as charity runs or walks. The arch serves as a start or finish line, providing a memorable experience for participants and promoting the cause.

There are many ways to utilize an inflatable arch. This speaks to their versatility and ease of use. As a matter of fact, year over year, we see more and more inflatable arch orders as they become more popular with clients from many different avenues.

Inflatable Arch for a city to use at their events.
Custom Inflatable Arch: City of High Point


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