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Custom Inflatable Arch: Aids Lifecycle

Updated: Oct 22

Inflatable arches are commonly used for various events such as races, marathons, and outdoor festivals to mark the start and finish lines or to create an entrance or exit point at events.

Inflatable Finish Line Arch
Custom Inflatable Arch

This particular arch was used for a bicycle race/fundraiser. Inflatable arches are often used to create an exciting and visually appealing start and finish line for the racers. The arch was customized with branding, logos of from the sponsors and other race organizers, making the race official with an impressive backdrop for the event.

Inflatable arches used for bicycle races are usually designed with a width of around 20-30 feet and a height of 10-20 feet, providing enough space for the cyclists to pass through comfortably.

In addition to creating a striking visual effect, inflatable arches can also be used to organize the race and keep the cyclists on track. For instance, the start and finish lines can be marked with different colored arches or banners to help the racers know where they are on the course.


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