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Custom Giant Inflatable: Coldstream Can

Updated: Jun 7

Creative Inflatables is proud to introduce our latest custom inflatable creation, tailored specifically for Coldstream. This particular project saw the manifestation of a remarkable 12-foot tall replica of Coldstream's signature alcoholic iced tea. Envisioned to serve dual purposes as both a promotional item and a striking backdrop, this giant inflatable can is poised to elevate Coldstream's presence at various events, capturing the essence of the brand in an innovative and sizable format.

Custom Inflatable Replica Coldstream Can
Custom Giant Inflatable: Coldstream Iced Tea

The challenge of creating a custom inflatable can that seamlessly marries form and function requires a profound understanding of a brand's vision and identity. With Coldstream's commission, our objective was clear: to bring to life a product that is not only visually astounding but also true to the brand's ethos. The end result is a meticulously crafted inflatable can that mirrors Coldstream's alcoholic iced tea packaging in all its details, yet amplified in scale to create a breathtaking visual spectacle.

Taking into account both indoor and outdoor events, this inflatable is designed to be both durable and captivating. The grandiosity of this 12-foot structure ensures that Coldstream stands tall, quite literally, amidst competitors. Its prominence not only accentuates the brand but also invites attendees to interact, take pictures, and immerse themselves in the surreal experience offered by such a monumental representation.

Custom Inflatable Replica Coldstream Can
Giant Inflatable Can: Coldstream Iced Tea Replica

In an age where marketing dynamics are rapidly evolving, the significance of creating unique brand touchpoints cannot be understated. The allure of this giant inflatable can lies not just in its magnitude but also in its ability to forge personal connections. Event attendees, drawn by its sheer size, often find themselves snapping pictures with it, creating organic and lasting memories associated with the Coldstream brand. This serves as proof of the limitless potential that custom inflatable designs hold, transforming standard items into standout promotional tools. Regardless of whether you're a seasoned brand or an emerging business, our dedicated team is ready to guide you in leveraging inflatables, ensuring your brand story resonates distinctively and remains unforgettable. This form of engagement transcends traditional advertising, cementing brand recall in a fun and interactive manner.


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