Inflatable Domes

Inflatable tunnels have many use cases including entrance tunnels, carports and sports tunnels. These semi permanent structures can be transported to marketing events, parties, games, competitions and more. Also, because they are custom we can manufacture them as large as you need them to be. Looking to get custom printing to support your local high school football team? We can digitally print our tunnels with any colors or graphics that you want.

Giant tunnels are available in two different structural designs. The first and cheaper option is the tubular tunnel design. They are structures designed with simple pole structures that hold up the shape of the tunnel in place. They are a simpler design that consist of straight and simple curvatures to create a tunnel. On the other hand, there are also very complex designs such as the one below which is a baffled unit. Baffled inflatables are more detailed in shape to closely resemble or replicate an object on a large scale. The inflatable below is a viking ship with custom branding on the mast, front and sides of the ship. 




Inflatable domes are large structures with a semicircular design that can be used at events, parties and other social gatherings. These structures are essentially hollow spheres that are cut in half. The experience inside a dome is similar to that of a large igloo, only not as chilly. In the past we have created multi-dome structures, single domes and half dome inflatables for our clients. Our inflatable domes can also be equipped with portable air conditioners for a more comfortable experience. 

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Chrome Domes

We actually have never made any domes that were chrome, but we can totally do that since there are metallic materials that we could use to achieve that effect. We have, however made stunning 60 foot domes for NASA that featured fully printed exteriors of the sun, Jupiter, and more.