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Pop Up Tents


CI is a firm believer that quality, durability and a superior built tent will give you many years of value. When making your decision to purchase, look at the overall value and reasons why you should choose CI as your supplier of pop up tents.

Reasons why you should choose CI as your supplier of tents and canopies.

Not Just another Tent or Canopy.

Cutting Edge Technology - All of our promotional items (Pop Up Tents, Inflatables, Banners, Inflatable Signs, Pole Displays, Flags, etc.) are created using the latest in cutting edge technology. Our Pattern Smith Software, a program that is used in the design process, assists our automated cutting table to generate all patterns and logos with precise measurements

Manufacturing Experience: Since 1984 CI has been manufacturing Custom Tents and Promotional Pop Up Tents for many industries worldwide. We have mastered the art of digital printing on Tents and Canopies with our state of art equipment. We have been in the forefront of cutting edge technology and continue to forge ahead as the leader in the Tent and Canopy Industry.

Water Proof- All our Pop Up Tent Tops are heat sealed to prevent water permeation. Heat Sealing is the best method for preventing any leaks and thread rot from occurring on all tent tops.
Competition- The most commonly used method of assembling a tent top for a pop up tent is sewing the panels together. Most competitors do offer waterproof materials on their tent tops but when you sew and join the panels together perforations are made along each seam making it susceptible to water penetration and thread rot.

Manufactured in the USA-All tents and pop up tents are manufactured in the United States of America.

Dura Frame (Pop Up Tent Frame)

Superior Pop Up Tent Frame Durability- With many years dedicated to research and development we have created and offer the strongest and most durable anodized aluminum pop up frame available in the Tent and Canopy Industry, the Duraframe.
We Offer the Highest Grade Frame Available- T-6 6061 is the highest classification for a pop up tent frame and is recognized as the best Anodized Aluminum Frame available.
Competition- T-3 and T-4 are the most commonly used commercial grade pop up tent frames.

Truss Bar- An internal center cross brace is added to all truss bars for better strength, durability and weight support and is essential in increasing the lifespan of the Pop up frame.
Competition- The truss bar is usually the most problematic area in a pop up tent frame this is a common occurrence in T-3 and T-4 style units.


Anodized Aluminum Pop Up Frame- There are many advantages in having an anodized aluminum pop up tent frame it is light in weight and will never rust. Also all our Aluminum Pop Up Frames are Anodized to prevent any staining on the inside of the tent top which is a common occurrence with standard aluminum pop up frames that are not anodized. A black stain is usually present on the inside of the tent top usually in all areas the pop up tent frame is in contact with. Trying to remove the stains are virtually impossible.

Plastic Fittings- All plastic fittings come with a mixture of plastic and rubber. This proprietary ingredient adds strength and pliability to minimize shattering making our plastic fittings extremely resilient.
Competition- Plastic breakage is one of the most common problems that occur with standard pop up tent frames.

Lock Pin- No more pull rings and cut fingers. Our simple twist, pull and lock pin will simplify the telescoping and locking procedure of the frame and legs without any problems. Competition- The standard Pull Ring Spring lock is why we developed our Proprietary Lock Pin design to prevent any spring and lock engagement problems.

Aqueous Protective Coating (DuraCoat)- DuraCoat is a proprietary protective coating designed for tents and pop up tents with logos or graphics. DuraCoat is applied to all digitally printed tent tops, sidewalls and short skirts. There are two advantages in using DuraCoat, the first being for additional U.V protection and the second for creating a more durable and protective barrier against scuffing. CI is the only tent company in the United States, which uses our proprietary DuraCoat on all digitally printed tents, sidewalls and short skirts.
Competition-No Protective Coating Applied.

Material- U.V coated with Fire Retardant. All Tent tops and sidewalls comply with the National Fire Protection Agency. All tent tops and sidewalls have a Fire Certificate label attached to the inside. A fire Certificate is also supplied for each tent and pop up tent.

3 Year Warranty- Only tent company in the United States to offer a three year warranty on all Tent Tops and sidewalls with graphics. A testament to our quality and durability.
Competition Standard Warranty-One year limited warranty.

No Charge on tents with graphics rendering: No charge for creating a rendering of your tent with graphics. No charge on revisions also.
Competition- Average charge for a rendering is between $50 to $80. Additional charges apply for revisions.

Fast Turnaround On Tents With Graphics Renderings: Once artwork is submitted by customer, on average it takes between 2 to 4 hours. We have 9 graphic artists solely dedicated to creating layouts of tents with graphics 40 hours a week.
Competition: 24 to 48 hours turnaround.


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