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Tents in Motion

Tents in Motion

Add Animation To Your Next Event Or Promotion


This combination tent and rotating inflatable has captured the attention of many around the globe. This unique patented rotating device allows an inflatable to spin horizontally 360 degrees every 6 to 8 seconds while inflated on top of a specially designed canopy.

From promoting your product to promoting the uniqueness of your business the Tents In Motion will certainly distinguish you from your competition. Tents In Motion will unquestionably revolutionize the tent industry and add a whole new dimension to any promotion or event.

We can custom design an inflatable and canopy to meet your specifications. From logos to digital printing on your tent or inflatable, our graphics department can handle all your needs.

Tents In Motion are also available on a rental basis. We carry an extensive collection of Themed and Logo Inflatables that can be placed on top of our specially designed canopy. This would make a great entrance piece for any event.

For more information on availability and pricing, please call (626) 579-4454


According to the theme of the event you can install anyone of our themed inflatables on top of the canopy and watch it spin. This would make a great entrance piece for any event. Inflatable sizes range from 8ft. to 20ft. in height.

This could be a great addition to your inventory of tents

Tent in Motion - Angel Soft
Tent in Motion - Illinois Lottery
Tent in Motion - Dodge
Tent in Motion - Ford
Tent in motion - Honda
Tent in Motion - Honda 20 x 60
Tent in Motion - Kia
Tent in Motion - Ralphs
Tent in Motion - Sterling Silver
Tent in Motion - Toyota
Tent in Motion - Wells Fargo
Tent in Motion Memorial Day
20 x 40 Tent in Motion Poarch Creek Indians Tent in Motion Oscar Mayer
Tent in Motion - Coca Cola
Tent in Motion Hertz