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Signs in Motion

Stand out from the competition with our Signs In Motion

Looking for something new that will create an impact beyond belief

Look no further CI is introducing the revolutionary, Signs In Motion

Add a whole new dimension to your Clients Festival or Event Promotion with our Revolutionary Signs In Motion. Never has there been An Advertising medium available to the Event Marketing Industry that is so Impressionable and such an Attention Getter then Signs In Motion. Advertising Impact is intensified by the Motion; Innovativeness and Daunting Size proving to be the most Effective and versatile Mobile Advertising Tool available in the Event Marketing Industry. Signs In Motion has become the most sought after method of advertising among many industries.

Our Signs In Motion allows you to place your Clients large format digital banner messages or images around the entire 360 degree circumference and are continuously seen every 6 to 15 seconds. Our variable speed reducer allows you to control the rotating speed of the Sign In Motion from 0.5 to 4 revolutions per minute.
Here are many benefits you ll receive from using Signs In Motion

  • Motion: In a recent study by Product Acceptance and Research in Washington D.C. , Motion Signs were found to be extremely effective in driving sales. 94% Motion Sign recall. 80% recalled the specific advertisement. Motion Signs resulted in an increase in sales of 107%.
  • Repetitive: Seen over and over again by your target audience. Image recognition begins and Festival and Event attendees remember your message or image.
  • Impressionable: Initial Impression is usually Wow! Signs In Motion distinctively creates an environment that will captivate audiences and leave an everlasting impression.
  • New & Innovative: This new and Innovative form of Advertising provides a new alternative to static signs giving you the most Effective Advertising Tool available.
  • Daunting Size: Banner Messages or Images are impossible to miss because of the enormous size of the Sign In Motion.
  • Maximizes Return On Investment: This Unique form of Advertising maximizes the return on your investment.
  • An Effective and Economical way of getting your message to a large Target Audience.
  • Great Branding Tool for Festivals and Event were there s a heavy concentration of attendees.
  • Target Audience: Great for targeting a specific demographic.
  • Mobile- Allows you to move and strategically place Signs In Motion on almost any level surface (Grass, Asphalt, Cement, Dirt) in order to maximize visibility.
  • Strengthen Ad Campaign: Signs In Motion will make your Clients ad campaign stronger
  • No longer limited to Static Images of print ads and expensive Billboards. You can now benefit by using a new and alternative advertising medium (Signs In Motion).
  • Satisfied Clients: The ultimate goal is to keep your clients Happy and Satisfied. Signs In Motion will certainly and most importantly strengthen your relationship with your client long term.

Sizes Available-There are 18 different sizes available. From 5 tall by 10 diameter to 35 tall by 62 diameter. (See Price List for more details).
Manufactured in the USA-All Signs In Motion and Large Format Digital Banners are Manufactured in the United States by Creative Inflatables.


Sign in Motion



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